Fresh Learning Solutions for Fast-Developing Industries

The world of work is changing, and we need new capabilities to excel in leadership, management and collaboration. Our clients get the benefit of our network of leading experts, facilitators, and coaches. Traditional learning processes can't keep pace with the changes and developments in many subject areas, so we emphasise live-learning with practicing experts in interactive processes that deal with your specific needs. 

The ultimate competitive advantage today is the ability to outlearn the competition. 

Develop a Culture of Learning 

We accelerate your progress through:

People: we connect you with expert practitioners for the social transfer of skills.  

Projects: our courses are designed to power you towards a tangible result. 

Practices: we equip you to develop habits that lock-in your learning level-up.

Our learning combines the best of group learning experiences and e-learning data and resource availability. Participants in our workshops and classes get the benefit of a completely seamless learning experience from web to class to mobile, with each format being used for what it does best. 

Our top priority is reduced time to competency through excellent learning process design.

Accelerated and Practical Learning

Gone are the days where a teacher stands in the front of a class and lectures a passive audience. 

A Treeshake class is more like group coaching, but dealing with digital age subjects in fast-changing fields. 

Our practioner-led sessions are completely responsive to your needs. We work with small groups, and deal with practical issues as well as underlying principles. 

Solutions may combine classes, video production, writing, awards, speeches, projects... Whatever it takes to get you the result you're looking for in double-quick time. 

"The opportunity to interact directly with top experts, as well as connect with peers is priceless" - Media Industry Client, Cape Town

Growing with our clients

We believe in the value of long term relationships in business. Whether it is the occasional workshop or ongoing training that we do, we love getting to know our clients and helping them achieve accelerated growth through strategic learning. 

Start growing digital leaders in your organisation