We work with a network of consultants from around Africa to get you market insights and advice as you need it. 

Our speciality is quick turn-around projects focussed on helping senior leaders make smarter decisions when it comes to their digital media and marketing strategy. We are also able to connect you with our accredited network of technology implementers, including software developers, designers, and platform owners. 

Our consulting clients range from start-up entrepreneurs, to leaders in government and corporate business. 


Digital Leadership Advisory

Digital Technologies have changed the way leadership is experienced and practiced. 

We want to help you communicate your vision and values, and inspire change in your market using digital technologies to broaden your reach and deepen your impact. 

Research and Presentations

Let us find the answers to your questions. Our diverse networks of experts gives us quick access to the information and insight you need. 

We apply Knowledge Design to make the insights easy to understand and apply in a presentation, class, or workshop.

Get in touch with us if you want a customised report or presentation.


Social Media and Digital Marketing

Social Media is easy to do, but difficult to do well. This is where experience and knowledge make the difference. We help our clients stand out and drive behavioural change in their target audience. Our model combines consulting and education to ensure your team and agency have the plan, the language and the skills to succeed online.  

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