The Digital Context

Digital technologies influence our behaviours in unexpected ways. 

Understand what "digital" really means today, how it's changing our behaviour, and how to stay relevant amidst all the changes.



The digital context is changing fast. This class helps you make sense of it. From understanding the big numbers, to relating digitally driven behaviour to your own life and business.

Participants will be better able to identify relevant technologies, come up with digital concepts, and have a generally improved sense of confidence about digital media and marketing. 


  • Understand key behaviours and trends shaping the use of digital media in South Africa
  • Be clearer in briefing digital agencies and teams by clarifying their purpose
  • Understand that digital is not a channel but a an enabler of channels
  • Learn to use digital marketing as part of your overall marketing mix

Who is it for

The digital context class is a fun and insightful way for anyone interested in understanding the digital world.


Student feedback

"It was a huge eye opener. Thank you!" - Amanda Morey

"I loved the first session it was full of energy and kept my attention throughout. i also loved the bigger picture of digital and not just what we do but Digital as a whole it make us step back and look at the bigger picture." - Wendy Lundie  

“Very inclusive, informative and not boring!"
Kerry Gibbs

"The training was an overload of powerful information and really got my mind thinking and more importantly seeing the world in a different way. I am more aware of where we going as a modern day civilisation." - Razia    Choonara

"It made me want to know more. And that's a very good Thing." -  Hilton    Mashonga

Start your learning journey with one into the world with this fun and enlightening class.

This class also forms part the  Digital Marketing Essentials Course.