Instagram Essentials

Learn how to get the most out of Instagram for your brand or that of your client.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms in South Africa and has cultivated a tight knit and highly interactive community. In this session we share the tips, tactics, and strategies used by the world's leading practitioners and brands on Instagram.



  • Why Instagram is so loved, and how your brand can benefit from the channel
  • How to make photos and videos look great in a mobile
  • How to be more effective with descriptions, hashtags and geotagging
  • How often to post, when to post, what to post
  • Additional apps to amplify your Instagram game
  • Community engagement strategies: getting involved and how to join or start a community


Develop a deep understanding of how Instagram can work for your brand and amplify your community engagement. 

Evidence of learning

Participants go on an Insta-walk and immediately get to put all they have learned to the test. In this class, we learn by 'gramming.



This session is pitched at a non-technical beginner. Anyone involved in brand and/or digital strategy who hasn't got a firm grasp of the fundamentals of Instagram should attend this class. This class will cover the basics, as well as incredibly handy tips and tricks. 

Come learn Instagram with one of our Insta-Experts:

Instagram accounts of some of our experts available to teach this class