Course: Evidence Based Marketing Strategy

Working with Data for Enhanced Insight and Impact

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Without data, you only have opinions. Everything we do online leaves a data trail which is a powerful source of insight if we know how to capture, harvest and interpret the data. Not just big data by the way, here you'll to work with Big-, Thick-, and Small- Data too. 


Course Structure

This course is comprised of these six sessions, alongside a data marketing project. 

  • Key Concepts in Marketing Data: Understand the organising principles of data driven marketing. 
  • Working with Data: Learn specifically how to use data enhance the way a marketing team works - from selling ideas, informing creative, optimising performance, and reporting results. 
  • Web and Ad Performance Data: Understanding and off-site web analytics to improve audience insight, targeting, and performance. 
  • Understanding Digital Audiences: Social Listening, sentiment analysis, predictive modelling, hashtag tracking, and live dashboards.
  • Thick and Small Data: Working with direct response and observation methods for enhanced customer empathy and insight. 
  • Data Storytelling: looking at the ways data can be used to bring ideas to life, enhance understanding and clarity, from data visualisation and live dashboards, and making your case authoritatively. 


  • Marketing Data Terminology Cheat-Sheet 
  • Data Analysis Tools spreadsheet (always up-to-date) 
  • Data Visualisation Tools spreadsheet (always up-to-date)


  • Learn the key concepts of data marketing
  • Discover how to turn data into insight for enhance decision-making, creative, and strategy 
  • Be more  compelling and clear using data storytelling

Who is it for

Anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of how to interpret and report on digital data, especially people working in marketing.