Course: Digital Marketing Analytics


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Everything we do online leaves a data trail which is a powerful source of insight if we know how to capture, harvest and interpret the data. In the era where 'big data' is governing the way, in which we make business decisions, without data, you only have opinions. 


Course Structure

This course is comprised of 3, 2-hour sessions as well as a project.

  • Session 1 Introduction to Statistical Methods: We explain and work with the key terms and methods used by statisticians such as medians, means, aggregates, averages and so on to help participants be more confident in navigating and explaining data.
  • Session 2 Introduction to Google Analytics: Explore the key features and functions, how to get the most out of Google Analytics and we compare Google Analytics with other key tools. 
  • Session 3 Insight-Hacking: We showcase selected digital measurement tools and technologies and reveal how they can be combined in a single dashboard for reporting and insight. 


  • Develop an understanding of statistical terminology.
  • Discover how Google Analytics measures online behaviour and how to use it for your business objectives
  • Explore other digital tools and learn that insight in data comes from employing a range of different metrics, as opposed to one golden metric.

Who is it for

Strategists, marketers, entrepreneurs, business professionals and anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of how to interpret and report on digital data.