Workshop: Making Sense of Data

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Demystifying data to produce real insight - and real stories. Without data, you only have opinions. Everything we do online leaves a data trail which is a powerful source of insight if we know how to capture, harvest and interpret that data (big, thick and small).

Ideally suited to professional marketers and agency teams wanting to understand how to use the data available to them.

You may have email lists, mobile numbers, programmatic advertising audiences, social media data, customer personas, and more. Here’s what to do with all that data.

Every point throughout the day is illustrated with inspiring examples and case-studies to bring the insight to life. It’s an intense, engaging day of learning.

This is a 1 Day Course, delivered in person. Or online in 2 x 120mins modules.

Course Structure

This workshop is comprised of these information-packed sessions:

  • Key Concepts in Marketing Data: Understand the organising principles of data driven marketing, what types of data we have available to us.

  • Data in Advertising: Gathering and working with customer data to improve the targeting, performance, and creativity of your programmatic and social advertising.

  • Working with Data: what to do with the market data you have - from CRM lists to third party databases. And how to gather and enrich valuable data with integrity.

  • Data Storytelling: looking at the ways data can be used to bring ideas to life, enhance understanding and clarity, from data visualisation and live dashboards, and making your case authoritatively.


  • Marketing Data Terminology Cheat-Sheet

  • Data Tools and Tech spreadsheet (always up-to-date)

  • Persona building tools


  • Learn the key concepts of data marketing

  • Discover how to turn data into insight for enhance decision-making, creative, and strategy

  • Be more compelling and clear using data storytelling

Who is it for:

Anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of how to interpret and report on digital data, especially those working in marketing and making key strategic decisions.