Achieving the Extraordinary: 7 Simple Steps to Breaking Through to The Next Level.

You’re doing well. You know you could do better. You just don’t know how. This session is about how to achieve that next level of performance, as individuals, teams and organisations. 

Treeshake Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh swimming in the Arctic


Breakthrough performances in our personal and professional lives often require an unreasonable amount of commitment and focus. This session will help you explore your own readiness for that kind of change. Using both science and storytelling, we will create a space for you to reflect and to decide on your next steps. The world has enough good, we need more extraordinary. Join us!


  • Learn practical skills that can help you maximize their potential both in their professional pursuits and also in your personal life.

  • Participants will also share experiences related to overcoming adversity, and developing strength and discipline, and other positive behaviours.

  • Help other participants to unlock their full potential.


Thank you for a truly standout session at this year's summit. - James Chau (@jameschau)

Truly amazing session for curation, storytelling and personal takeways. Thank you for The Extraordinary!
- Peggy Liu (@shanghaipeggy) 

2 extraordinary people! - Erik Charras 


Watch Lewis' TED talks here: