StoryMaking: Using the Power of Stories to Influence and Connect

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while Story-telling is about crafting a compelling narrative, story-making is about doing something that others feel compelled to share. It is a more participative process that can yield exponential results in a time of digital communications.  


A powerful story that involves us can change our priorities, determine what we think, see, do, and buy. In an age of digital distraction, the ability to engage people with a powerful story is a powerful tool for any leader. 

In an era of fake-news and growing distrust in authority, the most credible stories are those told by others about you.

We showcase principles of effective story-making such as Show don't tell; Go to the scene of the crime; Be surprising; Define the message; Use symbolism. We use examples to bring the process to life, and participants have the opportunity to make their own stories. 


  • Learn how to use stories to create trust, preference, and behavioural change

  • Creating a Curiosity Gap to engage your teams in new projects

  • Using narrative tension to help your team be more agile, resilient, and motivated

  • Developing a Guiding Principle to help your team make better, faster decisions

  • How to collect and use stories to build a more robust team culture

  • Learn 5 storytelling techniques and practices to improve individual and team communications

Evidence of Learning

Participants practice storytelling, have fun, and connect with each other as they share stories from their experience. They also learn 5 storymaking techniques and practices to improve individual and team communications.


I left there on a high. It was great, thank you!  -  Andrew McPhail

Your workshop was inspiring. - Ceri Gandy


They've been talking about it the whole day! It's definitely got them thinking about how we talk about what we do and how we can do this better.  - Thomas Bevan

I went in not knowing what to expect, but the structure of the class amazed me and truly has changed my perspective. Fun and life changing session indeed. - Phinda Matyolo

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