Whitespace Innovation



Organisations are a balance of structure and chaos. We need structure to capture value in process and repetition, and to ensure the integrity and security of the business through regulations and controls. But, companies also need unstructured spaces where creativity is allowed to flourish, and out of which new innovation emerge. 

We call the structured part of a business the blackspace, and the unstructured part of the business the whitespace. Ideally there should be a balance of both in a business to sustain value and security, while keeping up innovation and inspiration. 

While most startup businesses need to work hard to gain structure and repetition in blackspace, most large companies struggle with the stifling affects of too much structure and repetition and need to create more whitespace. 

Companies like Google have successfully nurtured whitespace in their businesses by encouraging projects where roles are undefined, strategy is unclear, and budget is non-existent. They've had tremendous success in this regard, with benefits including numerous billion dollar ideas that have emerged from these employee innovations. 


  • Understand the appropriate balance between order and creativity in organisations
  • Learn best practices for structuring creative spaces in business
  • Identify opportunities to either create structure to support creative practice, or to lighten structural burden to give rise to greater productivity. 
  • How to launch a whitespace innovation project 

Session Duration

This session is 2 hours long. We can come present it at your office, or we can take your team to one of our selected spots in nature for a completely different learning experience. 


Leadership and Strategy Teams in mid-to-large organisations who want to be more innovative. 


"The Whitespace Innovation class is brilliant! It gave our team an easy metaphor to discuss our business, and improve the way we think about it. We've built it into the way we work at Zoona! Highly recommended."
- Megan Viljoen, Head of People Innovation, Zoona