Dale Imerman


Dale is the founder of The Mojo Dojo, a business that brings together creativity, technology and learning in ways that capture the imagination and help companies engage with their people and customers. He is also the Director of Technology for WPP’s Global Stream Africa un-conference, a judge of the New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards and formerly the Digital Director at The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town.

His diverse background spans 15 years across a number of industries like retail, automotive, healthcare, financial markets, education and advertising. 

Dale believes in the singularity, the first principle approach and the importance of having purpose. He’s an early adopter whose passion is ignited when given the opportunity to combine his creativity, technical know-how and ability to inspire and excite people.

In his spare time, Dale enjoys cooking, watching documentaries, travelling and collecting and drinking wine. His ultimate dream is to use technology to cultivate an interest in the natural and social sciences in children under the age of 5 by making educational information and basic services available at no cost.