Johann Van Tonder

Johann Van Tonder, Treeshake

Johann has helped some of the world's most recognisable brands to grow their online sales by using a scientific, data-led process. He operates in the zone where data and statistics meet consumer psychology.

As COO of AWA Digital, a leading UK-based Conversion Rate Optimisation agency, he has built a deep understanding of how to influence online behaviour from observing thousands of a/b tests. He's co-author of "Ecommerce Optimization" (Kogan Page, London), on pre-order for 2017.

Other interests include karate, in which he has a black belt, and snakes. As a certified venomous snake handler, he regularly interacts with Cape Cobra, Puff Adder and other beauties.

Previously Johann was Digital Strategist at Naspers; and Director & CEO of Cybercellar, a leading online retailer.