Max Kaizen

Max Kaizen, Treeshake

By day: educator/speaker/researcher on digital citizenship, all things Internet, globalization, marketing and cultural economics. From practical how-to's (skills) to high level policy concerns (strategy). 

By dharma: hunter of genius. gatherer of the best & brightest. 

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Some of the more interesting career detours I've taken I haven't listed; like the startup/burnout hairbrained businesses, year-as-an-artist (exhibited, sold, 101 things to do before I die line-item ticked), daytrading, volunteering & consulting to numerous non-profits (helping NGOs think like businesses - doing good. doing good business). 

Geek cred: 1st programming intro at 9years old, built machines, been the nerd-on-call since I can remember, starting building websites in the 90's, still tweak for our own learning programs on occasion. 

Gatherings: from organising urban adventures, unusual dinners, debates, unconferences (co-organiser of SA's 1st: BarCamp, Podcamp, Geekdinners), Cerebella geekgirl gangs, through more traditional learning experiences. Realworld social curation counts: pioneering people + place = problems solved, patents created, probabilities tilted. 

As were the 'merchants of light' in Elizabethan times, I scout for fresh intelligence and signs of evolution on the horizon, to bring them back to my people and recontextualize them to place, history, business and culture to make it useful.

Social learning experiences, blending worlds (digital/realworld, business/doing good, privilege/need, art/science) and connecting pioneers, explorers and heroes calling.

Specialties:Hunting Genius: the discovery of brilliance - human, ideas, tools, you name it - I gather stuff that glows with fresh intelligence. 

Making learning fun, relevant, memorable and moreish. 

Guiding people into digital territory as a human-language guide, melting tech terror, passing on tested tools and evoking digital pwers for marketing, changemaking & business.building.

speaking, teaching, sense-making, intelligence-gathering, people-gathering, digital/realworld integration, muse.