Musa Kalenga

Musa Kalenga, Treeshake

Musa Kalenga is a change agent for the marketing landscape within Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2012, he was voted as one of the Top 200 young South Africans by the Mail & Guardian Newspaper. Between 2003 and 2011, Musa was hailed as a marketing fundi by Sunday World Newspaper and has received much acclaim for his work, including an unprecedented three nominations for the prestigious Black Business Quarterly Awards in 2008.

An avid supporter of the digital age, he has a vibrant online presence. However, Musa’s enthusiasm for the African continent and for marketing makes him an enigmatic public speaker. He’s a natural leader that prides himself on being the purveyor of strategy and the custodian of human interest. It is his belief, that through unbridled thought and the use of technology young people in Africa will be able to create viable, affordable, sustainable solutions that solve crucial problems in our society.

Musa is a seasoned communicator who strives to inspire fellow young Africans through his talks – “The intersection of humanity and technology” and the ability to “Act like a human and think like a brand”. His writings explore various genre’s that include marketing, digital media and technology, family and human interest. While he writes broadly, his passion for communication finding its finest expression in topics surrounding youth development and Africa’s advancement.

Musa’s professional business experience spans over twelve years, and includes building his first company from zero to R6,5 million in turnover by the age of 26. He has an astounding breadth of industry reach from working with foreign governments, multinational companies to create innovative digital monitoring products in both the FMCG and Banking industries. He takes pride in refining his academic prowess, with a Bachelor of Commerce from university of Witwatersrand, A Chartered Marketer (SA) designation from Wits Business School and most recently, by completing his GIBS MBA in March 2015, graduating as top student in Sustainability and future fit business.

Musa also holds and has held various industry-respected accolades, he was the first chairman of the inaugural youth advertising board of South Africa, he has served on the Global Shapers in Johannesburg for the world economic forum and he is currently head of the brand portfolio of the Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa.

Musa’s an exceptional all-rounder, who utilizes his academic abilities and effective vocational training in a creative and innovative manner to ensure not only his success, but the success of the next generation within a more digitized, connected world