Tinus Le Roux


Tinus Le Roux is a media & tech veteran with years of experience in launching innovative new products. As founder and CEO of Fancam, he has been able to take an idea from mere concept to global commercial implementation, with clients like U2, the NBA, the Superbowl, UEFA Champions League, Taylor Swift, and many more. 

As is often the case with a 'garage-to-boardroom' journey, Tinus has had to develop skills ranging from hands-on software production and fund-raising to business model strategy. Ask Tinus, and he'll tell you his core competency remains problem solving.

With an academic background in both engineering and theology, Tinus has had experience both as a technologist and thought leader. He's a compelling, insightful, and engaging speaker & mentor on the topics of digital media and advertising business models & the startup journey.