Strategic marketing Consulting

Organisational learning is at the heart of strategic agility. We combine training, coaching, and consulting to help our client's organisations become more innovative and effective at marketing. 

Two core philosophies guide us, and give you an insight into the kind of work we do

1. Connect to Change: We are innovation oriented, and we believe change is social. 

2. Before it's too Late: We look for issues of urgent importance that require decision-making or behavioural-change at scale.

These are the services we offer

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  • Integrated & Digital marketing consulting

  • Digital Experience Design

  • Social Campaign Strategy & Management

  • Influencer Marketing & Campaign Management

  • Digital Behavioural Change (using social influence)

  • Online Crisis Management & Prevention

  • Digital Reputation Management

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • PR strategy

  • Movement Making

How do you know if Treeshake is the right consultancy for you? 

We work best with change-makers. People who want to shake things up for the better. 

Here's who we work well with

  • We do very well with big visions that require resourcefulness and good people-strategy to solve.

  • If you're leading change at your organisation or in your industry

  • If you're looking for a strategic partner to work with closely to improve your impact and make a difference.

  • We usually work with business unit leaders in large organisations, and top leaders in small and medium organisations.

  • You are a straight talker, appreciate the importance of robust and honest working relationships built on mutual respect and trust.

Some recent work examples: 

  • Digital Integration Strategy for a large South African Agency group (our client is the Chief Learning Officer)

  • Digital Training, and Communications Strategy for a multi-national reproductive rights organisation (our client is the Head of Communications)

  • Social Media Strategy & implementation support for a global water charity (our client is the CEO)

  • Movement Making Strategy for an South African Impact Investment company (our client is the CMO)

  • A $100m fundraising strategy for a SMME investment company (our client is the CMO)

If you think we're a good match, let's connect