What is Social Marketing?

Social marketing is what we do here at Treeshake, but it’s not necessarily a term everyone is familiar with. In essence, social marketing is marketing for impact: creating campaigns for change that actually make a difference. What we like about the term is that social refers to the community we build around each campaign, but also the method we use to build that community - social media.

How #RunningDry grew from a campaign to a movement

The #RunningDry campaign got over 1.6 billion organic media impressions, including coverage from ABC, Bloomberg, CNN, The Times of India, Washington Post, Fox News and hundreds of others. Here’s how Treeshake helped Mina Guli ensure #everydropcounts

#PowerFutures: Fuelling discussion about South Africa’s energy transition

PowerFutures is a think tank dedicated to a just energy transition in South Africa. We produced a video to help launch the project that was seen by over 25 000 people in a day, and that has helped open doors to further media engagement and ongoing influence.