The South African Digital Context

This is an always up-to-date resource where we will share the latest stats pertaining to how people are using the web in South Africa. We draw this insight from a number of credible resources, including our own direct research where reliable secondary data isn't available.

South African Social Media Users

  • WhatsApp: 16,4 million
  • Facebook: 12 million
  • Youtube: 8,6 million
  • Twitter: 7.4 million 
  • LinkedIn: 4.1 million
  • Instagram: 2.7 million 
  • Pinterest: 840 thousand
  • Snapchat: 312 thousand


Most downloaded apps in South Africa, as of December 2015


1. Whatsapp

2. Facebook

3. Facebook messenger

4. Share-It

5. Instagram

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1. Whatsapp

2. Facebook messenger

3. Facebook

4. Instagram

5. Uber

/via AppAnnie

How many Internet Users in South Africa? 

  • ±24.9m per year 

  • ±17m per month

  • ±8m per day

Effective Measure

Smartphone Users



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Online Advertising revenue in South Africa for 2015: 

Search: R865 million

Online Display Advertising: R566 million

Source: PwC report. See more at Memeburn