Programmatic Advertising Essentials


The session is an introduction and overview of Programmatic Advertising with practical guides for effective design of Programmatic campaigns. You will develop an understanding of what programmatic is, why it’s effective.


Topics of discussion

  • What is programmatic and why is it effective?
  • On which channels can you use programmatic? Can you buy TV programatically?
  • How does it work for digital media? 
  • The Programmatic Buying process
  • Jargon
  • Remarketing Measurement / Optimisation

Evidence of learning

Participants complete a quiz assessing them on their understanding and application of the key concepts.


This session is pitched at a non-technical beginner. Anyone who hasn't got a firm grasp on programmatic advertising should attend this course. We cover the basics. 


Facilitator for the session

*This class also forms part the Digital Advertising Essentials Course