Wildfire Social Media Strategy


Some content just takes off on its own, in an uncontrolled and unpredictable manner. It can be damaging or beneficial to a brand - or both. So it is important to understand the nature of social content wildfires - how they usually start, how they develop, how brands can join in or be burned by them. This topic crosses over into some familiar realms like online reputation management, viral marketing, and memetics.


Knowledge Outcomes

  • Understand the science of social content distribution.
  • Learn the three major drivers of wildfire content
  • Optimise headlines and share-images for clicks
  • Optimise content for shares

Evidence of Learning

  • The organisation gains a social wildfire in-case-of-emergency checklist.
  • Individuals are quizzed on particular practices and insights that assesses their capability to respond to a social wildfire, or perhaps to start one.


Strategists, creatives, business heads across media functions. Basic social media competency is assumed.


 "I found it incredibly useful"!

- Katie de Klee, Editor-in-Chief at Design Indaba


*This class also forms part the Social Content Strategy Course.