Search Engine Essentials


Participants will develop an understanding of the three complementary factors that drive better search performance.


In this session, we will explain how search engines decide how to rank web pages, and what you can do to ensure your pages are found by the right people.  You’ll leave with clear principles to be more relevant online, and more effective at a range of digital marketing strategies that include aspects of Search. 


  • Understand how search works and the most important search ranking factors

  • Learn about search engine optimisation; what to do and what not to do.

  • Understand the design and workings of paid search optimisation (Adwords).

Who is it for

This session is pitched at a non-technical beginner. Anyone who hasn't got a firm grasp of the fundamentals of search engine marketing should attend this course. We cover the basics. 

Student Testimonials

"The holistic approach was very informative." - Brian Keeson

"A true updated insight of SEO and how the different factors come together in ensuring that you top SEO marketing results." - Jeanette Phillips

“The most valuable take-away would be how important keywords are in your websites or articles." - Kayla Noble, Geometry Global

"Thanks again for a very insightful and fun presentation" - Germaine Dunn, IAB

"Excellent and in-depth." Alex Krause, Content Strategist

"The entire session was fantastic!" - Taryn Monaghan, ‎Group CFO at Advent Sport Entertainment & Media - ‎Advent Sport Entertainment & Media

“How search engine marketing is ever evolving and becoming increasingly important in integrated campaigns. Again, all the case studies showed were amazing and the clever use of SEO is truly inspiring.” - Leila Osato, Cedar Communications UK. 

“I didn’t realise how formulated SEO was - I found it very interesting!” - Joanne Mills, Ogilvy & Mather

"I really had no context or understanding of SEO and from this session I have learnt an incredible amount regarding that and more." - Pierre van der Westhuizen

"I would do this session again. - Theresa Selema, FCB

 Search Marketing can deliver value and insight across your business, book now! 

*This class also forms part the  Digital Marketing Essentials Course.