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The name Treeshake is based on Nelson Mandela's Xhosa birthname, Rolihlahla, which means "tree shaker". Inspired by this legendary South African leader we support movements for change with a principled, inclusive approach to communications. Born digital, our core capability is strategic online marketing, social media, and story-making, supported by PR and production.

Treeshake’s Mission and Impact Model.

Treeshake’s Mission and Impact Model.

Treeshake works on Campaigns for Change: limited duration communications projects that result in specific, measurable outcomes.

Our mission is to maximise Connection, Learning, and Involvement for our clients and campaign stakeholders. We pride ourselves on being able to make complex issues interesting, understandable, and shareable.

Using this approach we’ve helped our clients achieve results worth celebrating, for example: 

  • Thirst and Mina Guli activated runners in over 50 countries to step up to address the global water crisis, securing pick-up from CNN, BBC, New York Times, Times of India, Daily Mail, and even Fox News.

  • The OECD and the Western Cape Government hosted #BI4Gov, and trended for two days in South Africa with people discussing ways to implement Behavioural Insights in government.

  • Lewis Pugh secured global coverage for his #Antarctica2020 campaign - including coverage on Sky News, BBC, and the Guardian - which contributed significantly to the creation of the world’s largest marine protected area, The Ross Sea.

  • Media24 launched W24 trending at #1 while securing an opt-in database of over 15000 young, black female influencers in South Africa in 4 weeks.

  • The Awethu Project achieved their 3 month funding goal in 24 hours with a firework campaign, and the support of South African celebrities

  • The World Economic Forum got “#Internet4All” trending multiple times on social media, acknowledged by the South African President, and formalised into a project to connect a further 22m citizens.

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Strategic Social and Digital Marketing

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Impact oriented digital marketing and communications strategy.

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Engaging digital marketing and social media training for teams . 

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