Branded World: User Journeys using Lego Serious Play

In this half-day process participants have the opportunity to bring user journeys to life in a richly insightful and memorable way.

Lego Serious Play is a methodology was developed to help people think through complex problems in a three dimensional way.  Applying it to user journeys helps teams immediately move into a systems thinking approach that is more appropriate for the non-linear and scheeduled digital context where media and advertising is delivered contextually and on-demand.

The process is ideal for teams looking to deepen user empathy and understanding of how users are impacted by marketing messaging in a world that doesn’t always conform to our plans and expectations.

Besides being an enjoyable and engaging way to think about your customer, the method actually helps you capture your ideas in new ways. For example, you can represent concepts in relation to each other by distance, size, colour, shape. And then move objects around to see how it affects the system.

Your facilitator guides the your team through the process in a way that is inclusive and insightful. We start with small builds to develop confidence and trust in the system, and gradually scale up to full system builds involving the special bricks and connectors that are unique to the Lego Serious Play system.

Our facilitators on this programme, Dave Duarte and Elaine Rumboll, are both experience executives and facilitators, so your team is guided through the process in a way that is both enabling and insightful.


"The process really helped the team think about our customer journey, and identify ways to improve their experience" - Liz Hillock, Head of Online and Mobile, Woolworths